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We are a team of researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds at different stages of academic careers. Our focus is on healthcare research but we collaborate with colleagues in basic science, law and the social sciences at the University and with colleagues across the world.

Students have undertaken projects with the group as SSCs or independently with the group, during electives. We support undergraduates, newly qualified doctors and early career researchers to get established in research and academia.

We have affiliated group members based at other academic institutions and collaborators from across the world!

As a group, by coincidence, we share a passion for cycling and / or cats (!). Among us we speak English, Russian, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Bengali, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Thai and Dutch! We are keen musicians, playing a variety of instruments between us and regularly attending recitals. We run a monthly journal club where we discuss new papers that have been published in our respective fields.

Click on each photo to find out more about our team members.

If you are a PRIME study participant and need to contact the team, please call us on 0117 455 4083 or email in order to ensure a prompt response.

Dr Emily Henderson

Group Lead
Associate Professor in Ageing & Movement Disorders & Honorary Consultant Geriatrician

Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo

Professor of Clinical Epidemiology

Dr Grace Pearson

Clinical Research Fellow/Trust Grade Doctor in Geriatric Medicine

Dr Katie Lloyd

Clinical Research Fellow & Medical Registrar

Dr Emma Tenison

Academic Clinical Lecturer & Registrar in Geriatric Medicine

Dr Matthew Smith

Clinical Research Fellow & Specialist Registrar in Neurology

Dr Rachael Harrison

Honorary Research Associate & Clinical Fellow

Dr Savannah Haworth

Clinical Research Fellow & Honorary Research Associate

Dr Tomas Welsh

Deputy Lead for CMOP (Assessments)


Anisha Cullen

PhD Student

Dr Lauren McNicholas

Research Support Assistant & Trial Manager

Charlotte McDonald

Trial Manager

Dr Sandra Neumann

CHIEF-PD Trial Manager

Danielle Pendry-Brazier

PRIME Parkinson Physiotherapist

Anahita Nodehi

Research Associate in Medical Statistics

Katie Naylor

PhD Student

Nicola Giles

Research Support Assistant (PRIME)

Kritika Jain

Research Support Assistant

Tom Gabriel

Research Support Assistant

Pimkhuan Kamnerdsupaphon

Research Support Assistant (PRIME)

Gezina Lambert

Senior Research Administrator

Seemi Davies

Trial Administrator (CHIEF-PD)

Alexandra Lindsay-Perez

Academic Clinical Fellow


Josh Lewis

Data Administrator

Ryann Sowden

Qualitative Researcher – PRIME



Honorary Senior Research Fellow: Mícheál Ó Breasail

Research Fellow (Qualitative Research): Dr Heather Brant

Associate Professor in Social Science: Dr Sabi Redwood

Associate Professor – Nutrition: Dr Fiona Lithander

Consultant Neurologist: Chris Kobylecki

Associate Professor of Neurology: Jane Alty

Honorary Senior Lecturer: Dr Tomas Welsh

Professor of Urology: Professor Marcus Drake

Honorary Associate Professor of Urology: Professor Hashim Hashim 

Professor in Clinical Epidemiology: Professor Celia L Gregson